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Business Italian Speaking Club

Learn Italian, make your colleagues happy and do business better!


Are you an HR or L&D manager, looking for Business Italian Language training?

You came to the right place!

Your team have contact with Italian customers and colleagues and they do regular trips to Italy. They use English for meetings, but this is not always a good idea, as Italy ranks among the worst in EU when it comes to speaking English.


Also, during business trips they struggle to communicate with the locals, leading to delays and disruptions. Finally, different work cultures cause misunderstandings and friction.


People from the Polish subsidiary of a leading Italian company had the same problem.​ Their executives were struggling to communicate with their HQ in Milan, leading to difficult process implementation and disappointing business results.


Their HR manager contacted me and we work together to solve this issue. I set up a programme called Business Italian Speaking Clubto teach them the language they actually needed to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Results came soon: their managers improved their Italian skills, being able to understand Italian work culture, deliver presentations and negotiate with confidence.
Since then I have been helping other 50 executives from global companies such as Generali and Intesa San Paolo to learn Italian and do business better.


Who am I?

My name is Simone and I am your Italian language coach. Since 2021 I have helped more than 50 students from global companies such as Mapei, Generali, Raben, Intesa San Paolo and De'Longhi to communicate fluently with their clients and colleagues!


Also, I have a very active community of more than 1.800 Italian students on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. If you want to find more about me visit me on my social media and join my community!

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Sounds too good to be true? Don’t take my word for it and hear what my students say👇


Ondrej Krivanek

Internal Audit Manager at Generali

Simone has a a very positive attidude and lessons were fun and interesting!

I particularly enjoyed the module on cultural differences, where we could share our experience and understand Italian business culture better. At the end of the course I felt more confident with my Italian and I will definitely recommend this club to every professional working with Italian colleagues.


Martin Maar
Head of Sales Support Global Transaction Banking at Intesa San Paolo

I really liked the idea behind the Speaking Club, which was quite different from a "traditional" Italian course. The second part on the presentation skills in Italian was my absolute favourite. It was very useful to practice in front of my colleagues and to receive feedback. The programme was definitely too short and I cannot wait to join another edition of the club!


Vaclav Sevald
Project Manager at C.T.S. Studio 

I was very happy to join the course. For me the first part on presentations was very useful, but I also found the negotiation module extremely interesting. I learned how to negotiate with my Italian customers in an empathetic manner, giving the other party greater space to propose solutions acceptable to both parties!


Brano Jansky
Unit Manager/Engineering Division at R4U

I loved attending the Speaking Club! I have learned how to make presentations in Italian including useful expressions and effective preparation. Simo always prepared useful exercises and dialogues. If you are a professional working with Italian customers, I recommend Simo to improve your spoken Italian. At the end of the club you will not be afraid of presenting something in Italian.

This is not a generic language course, but a programme designed for improving language and business skills in Italian.  Here is what we will learn:

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Effective presentations

Learn to present your company in Italian and successfully sell your products or services.

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Italian Business culture

Discover the differences between Italian and European work culture and learn to manage conflict situations with clients and colleagues effectively.

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Better negotiation

Acquire the skills to negotiate in Italian and secure the best deal.

This is great, but how much will it cost?

Free 30 min. discovery call

12 Live lessons (50 minutes) on Zoom or in person (according to availability)

✅ Recordings of all sessions

12 Self-study assignments (grammar, reading, speaking and writing) + weekly personalised feedback

✅ Email/chat support

This is equal to more than 24 hours of business Italian language training

499 € (per student)

What level of Italian proficiency do I need to participate?

From A2 onwards (at least one year of Italian studies).

Where will the series of meetings take place?

Meetings are held online on Zoom, but live sessions are possible according to availability.

Why should we start the club?

If you truly want to enhance your team's Business Italian skills, look no further: click below to book a free discovery call!


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Select a time for the first discovery call, where you'll get all the info you need!

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